The origins of the “Buffalo Milk” cocktail at Two Harbors

TWO HARBORS—Harbor Reef Restaurant & Saloon are the only place (other than the General Store) to have a bite to eat. A popular drink there (and now, the island’s signature drink available in Avalon as well) is the Buffalo Milk cocktail, a kind of island-style White Russian.

The buffalos (bison) came to Catalina for the filming of a movie inspired by author Zane Grey, but they never left and are now considered one of the major sight-seeing attractions. Hence the Buffalo Milk cocktail’s conception sometime in the 70s.

An article by KCET revealed the recipe for a Buffalo Milk cocktail, which some might be surprised (or relieved) to find doesn’t actually have real buffalo milk. Try making a version of your own using the recipe provided!

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