TowBoatUS Catalina captain honored for “Meritorious Service”

What Happened: Capt. Nathan Lins of TowBoatUS Catalina was honored with the Meritorious Service Award in mid-January. The BoatUS honor was granted to Lins for his life-saving rescue of sailor who fell overboard in September 2017.

The sailor in question was dressed only in shorts when he managed to fall out of a boat and into the water near Catalina Island. His boat continued sailing on, unfortunately, leaving the sailor stranded on his own.

Lins happened to be nearby and performed a search-and-rescue for the man. His efforts proved fruitful, as Lins was indeed able to rescue the sailor.

The boat in question was reportedly navigating from Avalon to Mission Bay.

Also recognized by BoatUS were TowBoatUS captains Dallas Kyle Potts, Andres Rosado, Jerry Acosta and Shane Earhart (Charlotte Harbor, Florida); Dale and Austin Plummer (Baltimore, Maryland); Sawyer Smith (Newburyport, Massachusetts); William “Pat” Davis (Stuart, Florida); and, James Freeman (Tarpon Springs, Florida).


What’s On Tap: BoatUS will honor Good Samaritan captains of the TowBoatUS fleet again in early 2019.

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