Updates are in the works for Oceanside Harbor’s operational manual and rules

Sources in Oceanside have confirmed revisions to the rules and operations of the municipally owned harbor are currently being made.

An email from Vickie Prosser, Aide to City Councilmember Jack Feller, to The Log stated that Feller was aware these changes to Oceanside Harbor’s “Blue Book” are in the process of being made, but could not elaborate on the exact changes and “has not received anything definitive at this point.”

Prosser continued on behalf of Feller, saying the changes will be addressed in the near future.

Some of the changes expected to be under consideration concern longstanding problems due to regulations – or lack thereof – with a focus on improving the management.

            The Log has confirmed changes to Oceanside Harbor’s rules are in the works but information of when such alterations – and how sweeping they might be – have not yet been shared.


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