Ventura County Harbor Department Director Mark Sandoval Announces Retirement

Sandoval has been with the city since 2018 after a 20-year career as waterfront manager for the city of Long Beach.

VENTURA一 On June 24 Channel Islands Harbor announced Mark Sandoval, the county’s harbor department director, will be retiring effective Aug. 31.

Sandoval’s decision to retire is due to health reasons, he is staying until August to allow time for the county to find his replacement.

“When I took this job, I thought to myself it would probably be a five-year job and I had a health challenge,” said Sandoval. “I figured it was time for me to start my retirement and the time was pretty good with what we are accomplishing so I thought it was time to do it.”

Sandoval joined the harbor in 2018 and led the negotiations between the county of Ventura and the city of Oxnard for the major improvements to the city and spearheaded the harbor’s revisioning process that will provide the framework for the future development of the harbor.

The initial concepts for the harbor revitalization were presented in January of this year and included concepts like a water taxi, multi-trail system connecting the harbor, and a marine education center. Sandoval is leaving behind what he hopes is a legacy to an easier and faster process moving forward.

An agreement between the city and the county was reached on May 18 for the redevelopment of the harbor and Sandoval was set to present the Harbor Visioning Process to the Board of Supervisors in June of this year, with a search for developers soon to follow.

“Number one we settled our differences with the city, and the second is we finished the Channel Islands Harbor Vision, those are the two biggest accomplishments,” said Sandoval. “When I first came here there was a lot of conflict, the residents didn’t trust the harbor department, and the city and the county had a lot of issues, and I think settling all that and being transparent as I said I would and forthright I think those are the things I’ve accomplished here at the harbor. I’ve set into motion future development and hopefully easier and quicker than we’ve seen here in the past.”

Sandoval joined that harbor after a 20-year career as the waterfront manager for the city of Long Beach and a previous five-year tenure as the general manager at Lakes Nacimiento and San Antonio.

“I worked for the city of Long Beach, I ran the waterfront there for nearly 20 years, that’s why I was able to get this job and I knew it would be the last job of my career,” said Sandoval. “…That’s a great thing when you are working for a government where you get to work on the waterfront and improving the waterfront. That is kind of the best of both worlds and I’ve been able to do that with the city of Long Beach and with the county of Ventura.”

Sandoval will be relocating to Alabama, where one of his daughters resides, with his wife and another daughter after August 31. He looks forward to spending more time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. The search for a new director is still ongoing.


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One thought on “Ventura County Harbor Department Director Mark Sandoval Announces Retirement

  • Curt Ensign

    Mark Sandoval is one of the finest men I have ever known. In the year of 2002 I needed to go to the La Jolla VA hospital to take a pre-op exam for my second heart valve replacement. Because of a number of disabilities I had no way to get there. So, he and Marine Patrol Officer Martin Arroyo took me. It was a great trip and his support helped more than I can say. It was a great privilege to know him. He did a great job in Long Beach and I will be forever grateful. Good luck Mark in all matters.



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