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Ventura County lifts hours restriction at Channel Islands Harbor Boat Launch Ramp

OXNARD—The hours restriction at Channel Islands Harbor Boat Launch Ramp, which has been in place since April 20 and imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been lifted. Ventura County’s Harbor Department announced the lifting of the hours restriction on April 30.

Boaters will now be able to access the boat launch ramp 24 hours a day. The boat launch ramp was open between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. between April 20 and April 29.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to provide 24-hour access to our boating community,” Harbor Director Mark Sandoval said. “We appreciate the patience of our boating community and expect them to continue to practice safe social distancing.”

The boat launch ramp opened on April 20, after being closed for a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic. County officials closed the ramp on April 3.

Sandoval said the hours restriction was lifted based upon boaters observing guidelines and protocols while visiting the boat launch ramp.

The following protocols are still in place, according to the Harbor Department: each vessel and/or vehicle must only be occupied by members of the same household; maintain as much space as possible from other parked vehicles when parking your vehicle; comply with launch lane and vessel wash lane restrictions (as posted on signage at the ramp); and, wear a mask whenever you are out of your vehicle or vessel and within the boat launch area (recommended).

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3 thoughts on “Ventura County lifts hours restriction at Channel Islands Harbor Boat Launch Ramp

  • Bob Cintilla

    What a ripoff! Daytime boat launch fees in Orange County are $10 at present whereas Channel Islands Harbor seems to think an overnight fee of $19 is justified despite that in 2017, these overnight fees were only $15. Price gouging in the age of COVID-19 by our governments, incredible. First they destroy our economy, then they rape us.

  • Jorge Fulco

    Ridiculous fee system at the launch ramp, separating day use and overnight. Am I expected to pay $13 during the day and another $19 after 8 pm when launching from 6 pm until 9 pm? This has been broken for a few years now and a fair solution shouldn’t require much of a brain within their offices!



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