Ventura Harbor’s dry boat storage reopens

Facility with 88 spaces has been resurfaced and will be open year-round.

VENTURA—The dry boat storage venue at Ventura Port District has been resurfaced and reopened, according to a Ventura Harbor announcement on Nov. 6. The resurfaced and reopened dry boat storage will accommodate up to 88 boats, ranging in size from 14 to 43 feet, year-round.

Port district staff also announced the dry boat storage’s fee schedule, which will range from $68 to $215 per month. The dry boat storage is a fenced venue surrounded by a fence with key-card entry.

“A bonus for boat storage tenants includes a 50 percent off discount of the annual Ventura Harbor Public Launch Ramp Permit. Future plans for the dry boat storage area will feature a kayak rack for personal watercraft,” Ventura Harbor staff said in a released statement.

Brian Pendleton, the port district’s general manager, added the resurfaced dry boat storage is yet another perk for local boaters.

“The newly re-opened storage facility provides boaters with the year-round option of keeping their boats in dry storage for added convenience and more regular use consistent with the Ventura Port District’s mission to provide exceptional boating facilities and services,” Pendleton said in a released statement.

Ventura Harbor’s dry boat storage is located at 1540 Anchors Way Drive, across from Dave’s Fuel Dock and the port district’s public launch ramp. The port district boasts the dry boat storage venue as being accessible to the water and to local attractions, dining and shopping.

Visit or send an email to to check for space availability and to apply for a permit or application. Boaters can also call 805-642-8538 for more information.

The new dry boat storage venue is near the about-to-be constructed Portside Ventura Harbor development. The development will include residential units and the “Ventura Marina Community,” which, according to port district staff, offers “easy access to those residents who wish to house their boat on dry land.”

“Ventura Port District has invested $61,000 towards the dry boat storage lot refurbishment, with additional costs covered by the Anchors Way street modifications inclusive in the Portside Ventura Harbor residential development plans,” Ventura Harbor staff said in a released statement.

The dry boat storage lacks a kayak rack; the port district stated an installation date for a kayak rack is still pending.

Ventura Harbor is home to 1,500 boat slips, 40 retail shops, two waterfront hotels, two yacht clubs, two boatyards, dockside restaurants and marinas such as Ventura Isle and Ventura West, among other amenities.

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