Ventura Port District gives Dry Storage Facility tenants 30-day notice

Nearby street construction will begin May 1; 15 percent of storage units will be lost, but new amenities might be added upon completion.

VENTURA — Construction and redevelopment occur with a rising level of frequency on the waterfronts of California’s coast these days, but some is done more amicably than others. Ventura Port District has given tenants using the Dry Storage Facility, located in the Ventura Harbor Village area, notice to vacate the premises at 1450 Anchors Way Drive by April 30. Construction on a new storage facility will begin on May 1 and could be completed as early as July 4.

Street modifications and overall improvements to dry storage facility were cited as reasons for the planned changes. Port officials stated they kept the boating community and locals in mind as they finalized plans, with hopes of also beautifying and rejuvenating the Ventura Harbor area.

An FAQ attached to an official notice posted online stated the dry storage facility would not be eliminated completely, but added the modifications done as a result of repairing streets in the area will result in a loss of a few units. Currently, 122 units exist, but about 15 percent of the units will be lost in the reconfiguration, according to Ventura Port District Commissioner Jim Friedman.

“I have not heard of one complaint,” Friedman stated, who also added the city of Ventura went to lengths to give tenants at least 30 days notice, but closer to 45 days. The Dry Storage Facility also began notifying tenants as they were showing up to make payments for their units.

Friedman continued, “Certainly, it is an inconvenience. Many people do not really care for change, but in the end this will lead to a better future and allow for traffic flow for the portside project [Ventura Harbor Village].”

Some of the new modifications to the storage facility will include new fencing and an automated gate with key card access. The lot will be resealed and re-striped and new signage will be posted to indicate the location of the facility. LED lighting will be added for more energy efficiency. Though it has not been confirmed, there is a possibility new landscaping and gardens may be planted as well.

Further, language of the notice indicates that any vessels left after this date will be considered abandoned property – if a vessel or possession should be declared abandoned, a final notice will be posted and a certified letter will be sent to the owner.

Boaters in the area or current tenants who are affected by the ending of the dry storage leases can stay updated by checking on the harbor’s website at Those interested in returning after construction is complete can follow-up in person or by telephone at 805-642-8538 or via email at

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