Waterfront Spotlight: Notable Updates in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA — Amid re-opening the 101 Freeway after a devastating mudslide less than a month after the Thomas Fires’ impact, the Santa Barbara Harbor Commission saw the re-appointment of chair Jim Sloan and work entering the final phase on the Marine One Replacement Project.


Flood Recovery Assistance

Santa Barbara has seen some of the worst in terms of the aftermath of natural disasters these past few months including damage from the Thomas Fires, now the most infamous fire in California history, and the mudslides that claimed the life of dozens of people. The 101 Freeway re-opened Jan. 22 after being shutdown during the mudslide.

While the freeways were shut, the ferries from SEA Landing were used to commute and the Harbor Commission was able to operate under full staffing.

The commission was also able to facilitate a project to move mud to Goleta Beach in assistance and to lend a four-wheel vehicle to the Santa Barbara fire department to aid in recovery.


Marine One Replacement Project

Waterfront Facilities Manager Karl Treiberg reported on the status of the Marine One water line replacement project, including a PowerPoint presentation with visual aids to illustrate how outdated the lines had become. In Phase 8, the final phase of the Marine One Replacement Project, the process to finish will involve demolition, dock installation, and utility installments.

Phases will include repairing Fingers B and C (estimated three weeks), Finger D (estimated four weeks) and Finger A (estimated three weeks). Treiberg stated the project cost about $94,000 to complete and will last for at least 20 years.

Upon closer examination of the current system, it was found that there was inadequate access to repair the domestic water leaks. To resolve the issue, the water lines were relocated outside for separate water feeds to the Marina 1 East restrooms and other functions.

During the renovations, all vessels at Santa Barbara Harbor have been relocated for the time being.

Commission Chair Jim Sloan questioned whether the storm had any impact on the progress, but Treiberg stated it had not interfered and the water lines are holding up well.


Reappointment of Jim Sloan

Sloan, who has been chair of the Santa Barbara Board of Harbor Commissioners since 2009, was re-appointed to serve another four-year term through December 2021. The only non-city resident seated on the Board, Sloan has been re-elected unanimously time and time again and continues to be a popular member.

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