What’s a Buffalos Favorite Celebration? A Bison-tennial!

In 1924, 14 bison were brought to Catalina Island as part of a movie crew for one of Zane Grey’s feature films either The Vanishing American or The Thundering Herd. The bison were used as part of the backdrop to portray the American West and were left on the island after filming. No one is quite sure which film, rumor has it that the film was dropped on the floor of the editing room. There are now 150 bison roaming around Catalina Island and have become a part of the culture of the island. Visitors can see the bison throughout the interior of the island, they have also been known to wander into Two Harbors. It is recommended to stay 100 feet away from the bison and not approach them.


Photo Credit: The Catalina Island Museum


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