Adventurous Sea Lion Crosses the 94 East Freeway

SAN DIEGO— On Jan. 7, a wayward sea lion was rescued after the animal managed to wander to the side of the freeway near San Diego’s Fairmount Park neighborhood. Marine wildlife rescuers say this isn’t the first time this animal has pulled a stunt like this.

“We don’t know exactly how he got here but this animal has been in our rescue facility before,” said Eric Ojten of the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team in an NBC San Diego interview. “He was rescued in early November from Harbor Island Drive and was released shortly after and has been showing up in kind of odd situations and spots since then. This is the weirdest, though.”

The California Highway Patrol called SeaWorld to assist. Using three large nets, the rescue crew was able to coral the sea lion into a large metal cage where the animal was then transported to SeaWorld. It remains unknown how the sea lion made it so far from the ocean; authorities reported no injuries to the animal. A video was posted to Sea World’s Instagram.


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