Aquarium of the Pacific Relaunches Coral Reef Exhibit

LONG BEACH一 The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach relaunched the indoor coral reef exhibit “Coral Reefs: Nature’s Underwater Cities” on May 28. The programming and exhibits include a reimagining of the Tropical Pacific Gallery, new animals like pajama squid, and films about coral reefs, including an immersive virtual dive in the Honda Pacific Visions Theater. The aquarium redesigned the Tropical Pacific Gallery to focus on aspects of the coral reef habitats and highlight animals that make the reefs their home. Guests can meet the seabird ambassador Sula, a red-footed booby, that will help them understand the relationship between seabirds and the coral reef. There is an interactive exhibit where guests can digitally color a coral reef animal and add it to a virtual tank. There is also a coral art installation and informative displays that cover the importance of corals. The exhibit will remain open until April 2022. For ticketing information, see the Aquarium website,


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