Astronomy Experience Through Catalina Coastal Tours and Fishing

CATALINA— Take a look at the night sky from Catalina with amateur Kathleen Hill Carlisle through the Astronomy Experience, a tour offered by Catalina Coastal Tours and Fishing.

Carlisle leads small groups of up to 15 people on an educational night sky tour over Catalina from Buena Vista Point.

Carlisle has 25 years of experience and an eight-inch in diameter telescope that she uses to teach groups about the history of astronomy, star lore, mythology, and the best tips and tricks for finding constellations.

Because of Catalina’s isolated position in the Pacific, the island is the perfect place for stargazing as it lacks the artificial light that is so prevalent on the mainland, making it a great place for star gazing.

This is a year-round tour, and depending on the time of year, visitors may be able to spot Saturn, who in Roman mythology represents the god of agriculture, or Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of Zeus and its moons.

According to Time and Date AS, a company based in Norway that focuses on providing times and dates around the world, as of Aug. 12, Jupiter and Saturn will be in perfect visibility above Catalina with a possibility of seeing Venus, Mars, and Uranus.

The tour starts at dusk and lasts roughly two hours; tickets are $55 for adults, $50 for students (ages 8-18), and $45 for active military.

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