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Avalon City Council delays chat on shoreboat service

What Happened: A planned discussion about Avalon Harbor’s shoreboat service was tabled after Island Enterprises, the service’s operator, requested the matter be pulled from the City Council’s Oct. 4 agenda.

The future of shoreboat service at Avalon Harbor has been in limbo since Island Enterprises asked city officials for financial and operating assistance in July. Island Enterprises stated it would suffer a $600,000 shortfall by continuing to transport boaters from vessel to land at current levels.

Island Enterprises requested City Hall to operate the service for almost half the year while paying a $300,000 subsidy.

The company’s representatives informed city officials they were engaged in meetings with the county.

What’s On Tap: The future of Avalon’s shoreboat service will be discussed at a future City Council meeting.

(Photo by Parimal M. Rohit)

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5 thoughts on “Avalon City Council delays chat on shoreboat service

  • Wayne Ford

    I submitted a letter (which was printed) to the editor back when the Log first carried an article concerning shoreboat service. At that time I suggested a schedule showing when the service would be available to allow visitors forehand knowledge as to when they will have to use their own dinghies. Also, it would be necessary for the city to install many more piers to tie up to. The existing dinghy docks are always overcrowded leading to multiple tie ups wherein passengers have to climb over other dinghies to get off. This is very hazardous to older and/or handicapped people.

  • It seems like the retail businesses located in Avalon would be willing to put up some money to keep the customers coming ashore> Perhaps a small tax on retail sales would be helpful.

  • MArk Johnson

    build more dingy docks and add a 1%sales tax. and tax the ferry and cruise ships $1 a head ( how many tourist come on cruise ships and the flyer.
    Then give those people a half off tour around the harbor ride. Create revenue and another way to enjoy the island life.

  • You have to be kidding! A subsidy from either the city or the county? Have a schedule? What an idea. The beneficiaries are boaters such as myself and the businesses in Avalon. The boaters should pay, maybe via an increased fee. The business should pay if they see a benefit, maybe via their Chamber of Commerece of a similar organization. Maybe a dinghy dock fee or an annual permit for mooring owners/users. Yeah, a schedule, or at least hours of operation, would be great. For a subsidy of $600,000 per year, plus the fees, I’d consider it. Renew my license, hire a person or probably two with licenses, and demand free landing and docking for the two shore boats, make an allowance for repairs…. Yeah, maybe even without a subsidy, at least via the tax system, and in that amount.

  • Mark Stevens

    The dinghy docks are way over crowded as it is. It is of late a hazard. Too many big hard sided boats allowed at the docks. No shore boats mean more boats at the dinghy docks. The island and the boats that use the service should pay. Why should those that bring and use their own dinghys pay a tax to support those that don’t.



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