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Blips on the Radar: Port of San Diego approves larger loan for Pier 32 Marina Group

What Happened: A planned restaurant at Pier 32 Marina in National City just became more expensive. The Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners approved a request to increase a loan to fund the construction of Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern from $6.2 million to $8 million. Commissioners consented to a $6.2 million loan from California Bank & Trust on March 8. The restaurant and Pier 32 Marina are both held under the same corporate umbrella, GB Holdings LLC.

The $8 million was approved without discussion during the commission’s May 10 meeting.

What’s On Tap: Pier 32 Marina is now responsible for an $8 million. Port staff says the marina would be able to pay its lease and the loan amount.

State report highlights response to Refugio Oil Spill

What Happened: California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) published a summary report on the state’s response to the Refugio Oil Spill in Santa Barbara last year and determined there were a few successes but also a handful of areas requiring improvement.

The DFW Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) found federal and state agencies worked well in responding to the oil spill, which occurred on May 19, 2015 just off the coast of Santa Barbara. Other elements of the response OSPR found to be successful were on-local support by DFW and OSPR executives, volunteer training, the involvement of tribal groups in monitoring cleanup activities, prompt closure and re-opening of local fisheries.

OSPR’s report said a greater effort was needed to increase education outreach between local governments and non-governmental organizations. The state could have also planned “for earlier community engagement and improve public information protocols” and trained “additional OSPR staff for lead roles in wildlife operations” while also developing “an electronic shoreline assessment data management system,” according to the report.

The full report can be found online at

What’s On Tap: The DFW report stated the OSPR response to the Refugio Oil Spill is not yet complete and is still ongoing. The department and division continue to focus on implementing a Maintenance and Monitoring Plan. OSPR will continue carrying out plans for shoreline cleanup and assessment activities.

Coronado City Council approves contract extension with California Yacht Marina

What Happened:  California Yacht Marina-Chula Vista will continue to manage Glorietta Bay Marina in Coronado for an additional two years thanks to a contract extension approved by the Coronado City Council on April 19.

California Yacht Marina has managed Glorietta Bay Marina since July 2001 and will continue overseeing the waterfront venue as the city completes the reconstruction of Dock C later this year.

What’s On Tap: California Yacht Marina will continue managing Glorietta Bay Marina, conducting repairs and collecting revenues on behalf of the city through July 2018.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service awards $2.2 million in grants for Clean Vessel Act program

What Happened: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced $2.2 million in grants would be awarded to California and Nevada for recreational boaters to better dispose of on-board sewage.

The grants were awarded through FWS’s Clean Vessel Act (CVA) program, which, according to the service, “helps states maintain clean and healthy waters.”

Funding for FWS programs such as CVA are made possible through contributions made to the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund by boaters and manufacturers.

CVA programs have received $234 million in grant funding since its inception in 1993.

What’s On Tap: A vast majority of the funding – $2,118,750 – will be allocated to coastal and inland venues in California. The state’s Department of Boating and Waterways, for example, will “reduce vessel sewage pollution from overboard discharges into their state waters through the installation of seven new or replacement pumpout stations and operation and maintenance funding for all CVA equipment along the coast,” according to FWS staff.

Funding would also pay for the installation of seven new floating restrooms, about 20 operations and maintenance agreements, and one pumpout boat at lakes throughout California.

Port of Los Angeles resets compensation agreement with 22nd Street Landing

What Happened: The Port of Los Angeles’ Board of Commissioners approved an order on May 5 to reset its compensation agreement with 22nd Street Landing, which operates a sportfishing and restaurant business in San Pedro, through 2017.

The order would reset the compensation was applied for gross receipts between 2002 and 2015, as well as future payments through 2017.

“For periods already passed, the proposed minimum rent was exceeded by the gross receipts rents actually received. Therefore, for past periods or years, the minimum rent will be set based on rent actually received,” port staff stated in a report to commissioners.

Compensation has not been reset since Nov. 27, 2002, according to port staff.

What’s On Tap: The Port of Los Angeles and 22nd Street Landing agreed to the following amounts: $139,610 for 2002-2007; $123,371 for 2007-2012; $222,046 for 2012-2015; and, “the greater of the minimum annual rental amount of $146,111 or the percentage of gross receipts.”

Port officials predicted the Board-mandated 10 percent rate of return for land would be exceeded by the rent compensation if the landing’s current business productivity persists.

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