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Boat Owners in Long Beach City Marinas are Encouraged to Attend Their Annual Boat Owners Meeting

LONG BEACH— On June 13 at 6 p.m., the Annual Boat Owners Meeting will be held for Long Beach boaters at the Long Beach Yacht Club located at 6201 E. Appian Way. 

Speakers from Marina Operations and Marine Patrol will update and take questions on the following:

· Marina Security

· Marina Capital Investments – Restrooms and Parking Lot Repaving

· Marina Debt and Finances

· The City’s Homeless Program’s impact on Marina’s


Boat Owner Association Officers will discuss the following:

· ABM Pumping Shut off – what it is – how boaters will be impacted.

· 1300 new apartments across from ABM Basin 3

· Future BOA programs


BOA was founded by the public as a grassroots organization with the mission of addressing and pursuing the common interests, issues, and concerns of all boat owners in the Long Beach marinas. The Association joined to have boat owners’ voices heard. Many boat owners cannot attend city management meetings. BOA attends city board meetings, meets with city officials, and represents your interest.

It is the Boat Owners Association for the People. Guests are invited to come join to learn and stay informed. 

The membership desk and cash bar will open at 5 p.m. To join or renew your membership is $20.

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