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Built for the West Coast – “Salvay Pacific” Line Offers Customized Fishing Power

SAN DIEGO— Zorn Yacht Sales has announced a new collaborative effort with R&R Boatworks and Conch Boats of Stuart, Fla. This partnership aims to deliver a customized line of center console fishing boats specifically designed for the West Coast, known as the “Salvay Pacific” edition.


Leveraging Conch Boats’ established reputation, the “Salvay Pacific” line will incorporate modifications to optimize performance and functionality for West Coast fishing conditions and techniques. Captain Evan Salvay, known for his work with the Stella June Fishing Team, will lend his expertise to the design process. His oversight ensures that each boat is meticulously configured to meet the specific needs of the future owner.


The “Salvay Pacific” edition is not just another fishing boat. It’s a meticulously crafted vessel tailored to excel in West Coast waters. From carefully selected electronics packages to thoughtfully designed bait systems, every aspect of this line is optimized for West Coast fishing. The design process is comprehensive, considering everything from engines and towers to trailers and tackle storage, ensuring the boat is fully equipped to handle the demands of West Coast fishing.


The partnership between Zorn Yachts, R&R Boatworks, and Conch Boats aims to deliver a class-leading platform that caters to the diverse fishing environments of California and Baja.


Zorn Yachts emphasizes the unwavering commitment of all parties involved to building high-quality, West Coast-ready fishing vessels. They highlight Conch’s reputation for overbuilt, commercially focused construction, ensuring these boats can handle the rigors faced by West Coast anglers.


Owning a “Salvay Pacific” edition is a unique opportunity to own a custom-built fishing boat designed to the specific needs of West Coast anglers. With experienced leadership, meticulous design, a commitment to quality, and ongoing support, these boats are positioned as a top choice for serious West Coast anglers.


For those interested in learning more about the “Salvay Pacific” line and available build slots for Conch 25-, 27-, 30-, 33- and 41-foot models with 2025 delivery dates, please visit or contact Evan Salvay at (310)-926-2479 or Zach Zorn (760)-815-8866.


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