California Boating Congress Set for Sacramento

The annual conference brings together marine and boating industries to address issues facing California's boating and waterways.

SACRAMENTO— The California Boating Congress announced that California’s marine and boating industries are officially set to meet in Sacramento on March 12-13, 2024, to impact state legislators and regulators on issues facing marinas, boating, waterways and recreation. The 8th annual event brings together stakeholders and participants in the boating industry to discuss relevant legislative and regulatory issues, share information and advocate for the interests of the boating community in California. The congress provides a platform for industry professionals, boating enthusiasts and policymakers to engage in discussions about key issues affecting boating in the state.


“The California Boating Congress is the must-attend event to meet government officials who impact our industry every day,” said Kate Pearson, chair of the annual event and immediate past president of the Marine Recreation Association in a statement. “Telling our story to policymakers in Sacramento is crucial to protecting our marinas and waterways.” 


State Treasurer Fiona Ma will kick off the conference so participants can learn more about the various programs the state of California offers that can be useful to their respective businesses. Then participants will hear from state legislators and leaders from the California Department of Parks and the Division of Boating and Waterways, who will address critical issues facing the state’s marine, boating and recreation industries. 


Participants will receive updates on recent and upcoming legislation related to boating, water safety, environmental regulations and other matters affecting the boating industry in California. The congress also will serve as an opportunity for participants to engage in advocacy, promoting policies and initiatives that support the interests of boaters and the industry.


The event facilitates networking among professionals in the boating industry, government officials and other stakeholders. This networking can lead to collaborations and partnerships that contribute to the growth and development of the boating community.


Workshops, seminars and panel discussions will be organized to provide insights into various aspects of boating, safety practices, industry trends and compliance with regulations. Participants also will have the opportunity to engage in discussions about policies impacting the boating sector, including issues related to access to waterways, infrastructure, safety regulations and environmental considerations.


Each year, the Marine Recreation Association partners with the California Yacht Brokers Association, California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains, Boat US, Personal Watercraft Association, National Marine Manufacturers Association and Recreational Boaters of California to sponsor the event. In past years, more than 75 attendees have traveled to the state’s capitol to share marine, boating and recreation stories with leaders. 


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