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California Trail Marathon Championship

CATALINA ISLAND— On March 11, Spectrum Sports Management, Inc. will host the California Trail Marathon Championship. This marathon will be the 46th anniversary of the event, also known as the Catalina Island Marathon.

Considered a “bucket list” trail marathon by most, the event is California’s oldest trail marathon and the only one that runs across an island in the Pacific Ocean. The marathon starts in Two Harbors and runs back to the City of Avalon. Along the way, runners will encounter views of the Pacific Ocean, wildlife, wildflowers, and scenery you can only experience by running at the island’s peaks.

The marathon begins at 7 a.m. in Two Harbors (those wishing to walk the marathon will start at 6:30 a.m. and have an eight-hour cut-off time), and the 5K & 10K are at 8:15 and 8:30. This event benefits the Catalina Island Conservancy and its mission to keep Catalina Island pristine and beautiful.

The Catalina Island Marathon costs $200, and the 10k currently costs $65 and will increase to $70 after March 5. The 5k currently costs $60 and will increase to $65 after March 5. In addition, there is a kids run that currently costs $25 and will increase to $30 after March 5. The kids run is a 1k starting at 9 a.m. in Avalon, and parents are welcome to escort their little runners to the finish line in downtown Avalon.

The course is marked with arrows to guide runners and cones to block roads and trails that need to be avoided. In addition, look for flour on the ground to keep you in the right direction.

For those interested, the Catalina Island Triple Crown Challenge is $320 and includes the 2023 Catalina Island Marathon, the 2023 Catalina Island Half Marathon, and the 2024 Avalon 50M/5k races.

For more information on how to get to the island, where to stay, or to sign up, please visit


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