Catalina Connection: Tenth Annual Catalina Spring Art Fair and Craft Festival

AVALON— From April 15-17 the Catalina Art Association will present the tenth annual Catalina Spring Art Fair and Craft Festival for free from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Crescent Avenue. The acclaimed art festival is one of the longest running art festivals in California. Festival applications are available on the Catalina Art Associations festival page and cost $300 for a booth. For more information visit the Love Catalina website, the Catalina Art Association website, or call (310) 510-2788.

January 2022 stats are as follows:

People aboard boats 1544 Average Temp – High 63
Vessels Moored 386 Average Temp – Low 50
Vessels Anchored 42 Average Sea Temp 58
Moorings Sold / Transferred 2 / 0 Rain .01
Citations Issued / Discharges 0 / 0 Rain Days 1
Total Cruise Ship Passengers / Visits: 10,754 / 10 Weather Warnings 12



Other Harbor Department stats:

Medical response 2

Enforcement 17

MPA enforcement 3

Public Assists 53

Security (patrol/port) 301


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