Catalina Divers Supply Gets a New Spot

The Catalina Divers Supply has made its new home in the Catalina Island Casino and has expanded its services.

CATALINA ISLAND— Catalina Divers Supply has served the island of Catalina since 1958, providing diving supplies and, in some cases, guided tours for new and old divers alike. 


In January of 2021, the dive shop signed a new lease for a spot in the Catalina Island Casino where they could expand their retail section and provide service for divers in the Casino Point Dive Park. 


“It has taken us a little over a year to get everything done,” said Christy Lins, co-owner of Catalina Divers Supply. “We’ve done some major improvements, and we’ve really made it a great spot for teaching, equipment rentals, we’ve gutted the bathrooms and put in more bathroom stalls and showers for our divers, and we have a huge retail section, so we are able to offer a lot more.”


The dive shop has a spot on the Green Pleasure Pier and an air fill station just outside of the Casino. 


The Casino Point Dive Park is considered one of the highest-rated and most popular dive and snorkel destinations in the United States, with up to 100 feet of visibility on a good day and a diverse set of wildlife. 


“The dive park is amazing,” said Lins. “It is just one step in, and you will see so much. I try to encourage anyone I encounter to come and visit the island and to at least get in the water. Whether it is swimming, snorkeling, or out on a guided dive, I just think we really need to tap into that resource and get people to appreciate what we have.”


The dive shop also provides the means to get out and snorkel, swim, or dive. The shop has the tools you need, and they offer lessons for beginners and experts and guided tours.


One of their most popular classes is the Discover Scuba tour which lets divers experience the underwater beauty of Catalina without the commitment of a certification course. 


“That is hugely popular because it gives people an introduction to what it is like to scuba dive, and then from there, they can go on and get their open water certification,” said Lins. 


For more information, to sign up for classes, or just check out the new expanded retail section, see the Catalina Divers Supply website at


“I Just to try to encourage people to come out and see the ocean; even if you are not into scuba diving, there is so much to see,” said Lins. 

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  • May 12, 2023 at 7:43 am

    This is an amazing set up! We are building one ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration. Very nice!



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