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RE: Keep Up with CARB: Where CARB is at with proposed engine regulations (Dec. 10-Dec. 22)


“Fishing is a big part of my family and friends.”


  • Michael Kolender



RE: New Civilian Boating Channel Opens in Anaheim Bay (Jan. 10 – Jan. 23, 2020)


“The official NOAA charts have now been updated to show the new channel. The raster chart can be viewed here: The ENC has also been updated.”


  • Jeffrey Ferguson


RE: Blips on the Radar: Dana Point Harbor (Oct. 1-Oct. 14)


“Greedy grabby group of Private Investors fleecing a public asset built by the taxpayers that they do not own. Politicians sit by and do nothing as they receive “political donations” from this same group. Shameful.”


  • John E. Citizen


RE: New Catalina Island Museum Exhibit to Feature Gyotaku Fish Prints (Feb. 21 – March 5, 2020)


“Some of my best moments were at the museum and Catalina Island!”


  • Douglas E. Elliot


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