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RE: Port of San Diego Harbor Police Officer Receives Medal of Valor for Bravery in March 2021 Officer-Involved Shooting (Dec. 10-24, 2021)


“Excellent Work Officer Horn, as I have been in your same footsteps as a Harbor Police Officer who received the first ever Medal of Valor for an incident in San Diego Bay on July 19, 2008. Stay Safe & Enjoy the Port of San Diego Career.”


Clyde Williams


RE: In Memoriam: Morrie Kirk (Dec. 10-24, 2021)


“I just read in the current Log about the passing of Morrie Kirk; I am saddened at this news. Morrie helped my partner purchase her current boat. What a wonderful, kind, and helpful person he was. Morrie enjoyed boating and shared this passion with everyone. If this world had more Morrie Kirk’s, what a wonderful world it would be. I will miss Morrie, but I will blow our horn for him, whenever we embark on a new voyage.”


Aaron Wilker


RE: Dog Aboard: In Loving Memory of a Best Friend (Nov. 26- Dec. 10, 2021)


“So great that you kept his memory alive this way. Our dogs are our family. We love them fiercely! So sorry for your loss. God bless you both.”


Diane Stalfiere


“I’m so sorry for your loss. One day we will be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge with our fur babies. God bless.”


Donna Bradshaw


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