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RE: In Memoriam: Sheila Wood (Jan. 7-Jan. 20)


“Sheila was always the light in the room… and the wind behind your back. Her joy was giving joy to others. Earth Angels live for eternity.”


  • David Frizzelle



RE: In Memoriam: Donald Keith Hansen (Jan. 21-Feb. 3)


“Don was a wonderful community servant. I’m forever thankful for his mentoring at-risk youth through free fishing. My sincere condolences to his loved ones.”


  • Teri Steel


RE: CARB Addresses Public Comments and Concerns (Jan. 21-Feb. 3)


“These CARB regulations affect 300 or so vessels in CA like that is going to make a difference in air quality in a state with 40 million vehicles! Also, all the container ships sitting off the coast right now are a bigger problem than the fishing vessels. This proposal would kill the recreational fishing fleet, not that CARB gives a hoot. This is an all-out assault on recreational fishing! However, this is all probably just window dressing, as we found out with the MPLA process. The sanctimonious government officials just did what they wanted to anyway.”


  • Munnster


“CARB is composed of fools who want to force an untried engine in a marine application.

If they thought first, they would have several prototypes built and tested on the water.

Once they have developed a safe and sane replacement for the present marine engines, then they could consider making it mandatory. Their stupid attempt to make it viable by pointing boat owners to grant programs is laughable.”


  • Bruce Brewer

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