Community Letters

RE: Ventura Board of Port Commissioners Pass Emergency Resolution After Tsunami (Jan. 21-Feb. 4) 


They got caught sleeping at the helm of the last tsunami that hit too. You’d think they would have paid a little more attention to this well-advertised warning. My bet is that they’ve been asking for new boats for years and are taking advantage of this “disaster.”


RE: Federal Judge Advances Lawsuit Against California Gillnet Ban (Feb. 5 -Feb. 18)


The State has NO jurisdiction beyond the 3-mile boundary. I look forward to them being put in check by the Feds.


RE: Updates to the Ammunition Pier Project (Dec. 24, 2021 -Jan. 6)

I eagerly anticipate the completion of this project. I have become a frequent user of the MWR RV Park here and will later enjoy the features of the bay. I want to fish here. Thanks


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