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RE: OC Parks Amends Application for Corona del Mar Visitor Dock (MAY 14-27)

Wow, this is fantastic news. It is great to see public access restored at the Bayside Drive County Beach and Marina. What a great location and the 5 guest slips (40ft in length) are only $40 per night, best deal in town with water/power hook up and easy street parking.


I am not quite sure what the Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol was thinking when they closed off public access at this OC Parks location that was intended for public use and paid for with public dollars.


All’s well that ends well…. Nice work OC CoastKeeper!

  • Happy Boater


RE: Ask a Maritime Attorney: Tenant Protection Laws and COVID-19 (JULY 10-22, 2020)


“I have a boat in a Marina and the Dock Master and I had a confrontation that did not go well. He told me to get out of his Marina. The Marina was recently sold. I have rented a slip for the past seven years. There was a mix-up with the direct payments from my bank, because of the sale. I live in Maui and I came to L.A. to resolve the rent issue. The DM came at me, guns blazing. I received a 30-day notice with no reason as to why, just leave by June 6. I have paid the rent through the sixth. I have tried everything from selling to donating with no luck. I emailed the DM apologizing for my part of the discussion and asked for more time. A friend of his, who has a sailboat next to mine, wanted to buy the boat for his son. He asked his friend, the DM if he bought the boat could he let him have the slip. The DM was happy and said yes of course. At 3:00 p.m. two days before the sixth the deal fell through. In my email, I asked if I could find a buyer so they could stay in the slip. In addition, I asked if he would consider letting me stay. He has not responded to my email or any of my three calls. What are my options? Your article says he can not evict me unless he goes through Civil Court. Please help.”


  • Gale Zander


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