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RE: Bill van Wulven Sells Barnacle Bill’s ‘the Biggest Little Tackle Store in San Diego’ July 23-Aug. 5

“Easily one of the coolest, selfless, and most generous people I have ever met Happy retirement Bill!! We love you❤️”



RE: Long Beach City Regains Control of Queen Mary and Authorizes Repairs July 23-Aug. 5

“I am from Italy and I was on the Queen Mary to sleep in September 2013 …. it looked beautiful and really well cared for …. if they decided to sink it or scrap it, it would be terrible. Please, repair it and let it live for at least another 100 years….

Luca Bombardi

“In agreement with this decision. I’ve loved The Queen Mary for decades and had my 50th birthday party on board. She is the last of the era of luxury transatlantic liners; there is so much history and craftsmanship to be seen on her decks. A historic designation is a good way to go.”


Anne Devlin


RE: Sportfishing Industry Starts Petition Calling for Changes to CARB’s Proposed Engine Regulations June 25-July 8


“It is all a necessary process we need to take moving forward in the industry. However, it’s impact will be crucial either environmentally or financially.”




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