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RE: Dana Point Boaters March for the Harbor (Aug. 20-Sept. 2)


“I would love to comment but I am afraid of repercussions.”


  • Dana Point Boater


RE: California Coastal Commission Releases Sea Level Rise Plan for Public Comment (Sept. 3-Sept. 16)


“Just a highly qualified scientist, who resigned from the IPCC, because of their refusal to accept refuting data.”


  • William Stone


RE: Electric Foil Surfboards Causing Waves in Oceanside Harbor, are they Considered Vessels? (Dec. 11 – Dec. 24, 2020)


“Thank you, tolerant boater. These are silent, create no wake, they don’t pollute, and they are the most maneuverable watercraft in the ocean. Let people have fun.”


  • Chris Barwick, in reply to Tolerant Boater


RE: Alamitos Bay Marina (April 2016)


“Looking to share boat slip treasure island Long Beach.”


  • Sally Clark

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