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RE: Ask a Maritime Attorney: Does the old-time salvage law apply? (Sept. 17-30)


“Here’s an idea: How about contacting the rightful owner and making his or her day by simply returning it. If they are so inclined, they might offer to take you out to lunch or for drinks. You might actually find greater joy and satisfaction from doing the right thing than you would from receiving a salvage fee.”


  • Jeff Patron



RE” Ask a Maritime Attorney: Do I legally have to render assistance to a distressed boater? (Sept. 3- 16)

“David- Always enjoy reading your columns. You mention “you must render assistance to a vessel in distress”, but is there a difference between the property (a vessel) and human life/safety? What happens if I, as the operator of a vessel assisting/rescuing a vessel in distress, believe that my own capabilities as a captain or those of my own owned vessel rendering aid are not capable of “rendering assistance to a vessel…”? I would always of course focus on passengers and crew of a vessel in trouble, but having to render aid to property (the vessel in distress) seems a little too far of a burden, and could expose me to danger/harm to my own vessel and crew. Thanks again and look forward to your response.”


  • Sailboat Scotty



RE: Catalina Past Times: Coin Diving


“You would fight to the death over a coin. It was Darwinism at its finest. I remember competing with a much bigger diver for a quarter… He grabbed my flipper and hauled me back and away, and I bit him in return. I used to blow my hard-earned change at the Arcade or taking myself out to a movie. I really loved diving for coins and was so sorry the custom ended.”


  • Mary K. Riewer


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