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RE: Blips on the Radar: Dana Point Harbor (Oct. 1- 14)

“On top of that, I’m told I’ll be moved after waiting for 18 years on a list to get my main channel slip? Because the rich don’t wait, they cheat.”


George Gregory


RE: Man’s Bestfriend on Land or Sea (Sept. 17- Sept. 30)

“Siberians are an amazing breed… My Siberian husky has thousands of miles riding in the footwell of my jet ski. As a larger yacht builder with a boatyard, my nano yachts take the dog and I everywhere. We just camped at two harbors from jet skis.”


Greg Moore


RE: Oceanside Harbor Unanimously Turns Down Public Safety Model Proposal (Sept. 17- Sept. 30)

“I am surprised more harbors don’t use the modernized lifeguard model of harbor patrol utilized in Long Beach and San Diego (Mission Bay). City Lifeguards can be granted Peace Officer powers which grant them authority to enforce harbor laws. The lifeguards offer the law enforcement, medical, and rescue swimmer response at an affordable cost. This allows the police and Sheriff Departments to use their officers for real crime on the streets. This is a win-win. This model would work well in Newport too, where the city could buff out the harbor patrol with paramedics and City firefighters and the Sheriff could focus on offshore illegal vessel interdiction (smugglers).”


Common Sense Boater


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