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Dana Point Harbor Partners Spearhead Sustainable Initiatives for a Greener Future

DANA POINT – In a concerted effort at preservation, Dana Point Harbor Partners (DPHP) has embarked on a multifaceted sustainability campaign. Through strategic collaborations with local organizations and environmental agencies, DPHP is implementing a range of eco-friendly initiatives aimed at creating a cleaner and healthier harbor.


One of the cornerstone projects supported by DPHP is Stand Up to Trash, a community-driven initiative dedicated to combating marine litter and pollution. Stand Up to Trash and the DPHP regularly schedule beach cleanups throughout the harbor and Baby Beach in an effort to keep the areas litter free. In addition, educational initiatives invite participants on a historical tour of Dana Point, highlighting iconic landmarks and underscoring the importance of preserving coastal heritage. Through other engaging activities, DPHP is aiming to grow a deeper appreciation for the cultural and environmental significance of Dana Point Harbor.


For instance, as part of the beach cleanup, DPHP and Stand Up to Trash are organizing a City-Wide Scavenger Hunt, running from April 1 to 21.


In addition, according to a DPHP representative, “sustainable initiatives are being implemented with the revitalization project which is currently underway in the Dana Point Harbor, including a shift to electric landscaping equipment, drought-tolerant landscaping, marine engine upgrades and LED light conversions with EV charging stations.”


Bryon Ward, president of Burnham-Ward Properties, and a representative of Dana Point Harbor Partners emphasized the collective commitment to sustainability. “Our revitalization efforts are guided by a profound respect for the environment and a dedication to implementing innovative practices and technologies,” Ward stated. “By fostering collaboration and embracing eco-friendly solutions, we aim to safeguard Dana Point Harbor for future generations.”


At the heart of DPHP’s sustainability agenda is the Water Quality Initiative, a comprehensive program that has significantly improved water quality and promoted marine conservation. These efforts include the installation of a cutting-edge storm drain filtration system and the achievement of certification for the Marina at Dana Point as a Clean Marina by the Clean Marinas Program.


In line with their commitment to environmental preservation, DPHP has designated Dana Point Harbor as a Balloon-Free Zone while encouraging alternative modes of transportation, such as biking and the Dana Point Trolley, to reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, the harbor has been actively involved in recycling efforts, including used fishing line, which has prevented nearly 800 pounds of waste from entering the ocean since 2014.


DPHP also commissioned the creation of “Fluke: A Tale of Plastic,” a striking sculpture displayed at the harbor. Crafted from recycled and reclaimed materials, including single-use water bottles and reclaimed steel, the sculpture serves as a reminder of the importance of waste reduction and environmental conservation.


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