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Did You Know? Let’s Find Out— Fish Edition

Whether you want to impress your friends with some fun facts about fishing or learn some interesting info yourself, take this quiz to learn fun facts about the fishing world—no cheating!


  1. Which type of fish is known for speeds up to 50 mph?
  2. Bass
  3. Wahoo
  4. Giant Grouper
  5. Catfish


  1. Why are dorado fish also referred to as dolphinfish?
  2. They are a member of the dolphin family
  3. They can make the same acoustic sounds that dolphins are known for
  4. They swim in front of ships like a dolphin does
  5. They are very intelligent fish


  1. What is the weight of the largest recorded Bluefin tuna ever caught?
  2. 744 lbs.
  3. 956 lbs.
  4. 1,132 lbs.
  5. 1,496 lbs.


  1. What is the best color of lure to use when fishing in green water conditions?
  2. White or pearl
  3. Orange or white
  4. Chartreuse or lime green
  5. Red or dark blue


  1. Which export is rumored to be bad luck onboard?
  2. Bananas
  3. Alcohol
  4. Tea
  5. Explosives




  1. Correct Answer: B

Wahoos are among the fastest pelagic species, reaching up to 50 mph—almost the speed limit on most Southern California highways. As a result, Wahoos can capture a wide range of prey, including fish and squid.


  1. Correct Answer: C

Dorados are also referred to as dolphinfish because of their tendency to swim ahead of ships, as dolphins do.


  1. Correct Answer: D

The largest Bluefin tuna ever caught weighed 1,496 pounds. The fish was caught in 1979 by Ken Fraser off the coast of Nova Scotia.


  1. Correct Answer: C


If you want your lure to stand out in murky green waters, use a chartreuse or lime-green-colored lure. Green water has a harsh effect on red lures and can make them look black, which is hard for the fish to spot.


  1. Correct Answer: A

No bananas on board. This superstition comes with lots of explanations. First, bananas are a favored hiding spot for snakes and spiders and their nasty biting habits. Centuries ago, ships transported bananas from tropical islands. These unwanted spider guests would often hitch a ride in the cargo unbeknownst to sailors until they found them the hard way. Second, bananas were also believed to be unlucky. Sailors thought they would cause the ship to get lost. Third, fishing vessels believed that having bananas on board meant they wouldn’t catch any fish. This myth was created because the vessels that transported bananas had to travel quickly so the bananas wouldn’t spoil. Because the boat was moving so fast, the fishermen attempting to fish by trolling rarely caught anything. Lastly, if a ship sunk, only the bananas were found floating, making sad and salty seamen blame the fruit for sinking the ship.

So, how did you do?

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