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Dredging of Oceanside Harbor completed

A dredging project to remove sand sediment from the Oceanside Harbor entrance was finally completed Oct. 31, ending nearly five months of on-and-off work along the North San Diego coast.

CJW Construction reported nearly 30,000 cubic yards of material dredged from the harbor entrance between Oct. 20 and 26; in all 260,000 cubic yards of material were dredged.

“Placement of beach quality material along the shoreline is a beneficial byproduct of the maintenance dredging project,” the Corps of Engineers said in a released statement.

The dredging project began June 6 but was hampered by delays. CJW was forced to suspend operations due to adverse ocean conditions. Work was supposed to be done July 29.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced dredging operations ceased Oct. 31; a five-day demobilization and equipment removal process started the next day.

CJW has been replacing dredged sand sediment onto Oceanside’s beaches. Dredging of Oceanside Harbor’s federal channels is an annual event, according to the Corps of Engineers.

“The Oceanside Harbor navigational dredging project is an annual project conducted to maintain the federal channels within Oceanside Harbor at their authorized federal depth and to provide safe navigation for the recreational, commercial and military vessels that use the channels,” a Corps of Engineers released statement said. “Oceanside Harbor is one of four annual dredging projects conducted by the Los Angeles District.”

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