Fishing Tip: Look for Birds, Dolphins, and Structures when Offshore Fishing

Birds, dolphins, and underwater structures can be valuable indicators for offshore fishing, helping anglers locate productive fishing areas

Birds, such as seagulls and terns, are often attracted to schools of baitfish near the water’s surface. Spotting flocks of diving or circling birds can signal the presence of feeding fish below. Predator fish like tuna or mahi-mahi may be driving baitfish to the surface, creating an opportunity for anglers.

Dolphins and birds often work together to feed on schools of fish. Birds are attracted to the same baitfish that dolphins are pursuing. Dolphins feed on schools of baitfish, such as sardines, herring or anchovies, and when anglers see dolphins “boiling” at the surface, it indicates they are actively feeding in an area where big game fish are present.

Lastly, floating structures, such as logs, kelp paddies or trash, can serve as gathering points for smaller fish and other marine life. Larger predatory fish often patrol these areas in search of prey. When targeting offshore species, trolling near underwater structures or along the edges of underwater features can be effective and allows anglers to cover a large area and present baits at various depths. Happy Fishing!


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