Isle of Wight Sailor Claims Dinghy Sailing Record

ISLE OF WIGHT, England一 A 21-year-old sailor from the Isle of Wight has claimed the first world record for the greatest distance sailed in a single-handed dinghy in 12 hours.

Harry White, covered roughly 67 miles, setting off from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Ryde at 7 a.m. British Summer Time.

White sailed in an ICLA 7 dinghy and crossed the eastern Solent, taking in Stokes Bat, Bembridge, Portsmouth, and Ryde reported the BBC.

             “At one stage, the wind died down quite a lot so we weren’t making any progress and we were concerned we would have to call it off but, thankfully, the wind filled in again and we had perfect conditions,” said White to the BBC.

            He was accompanied by a support boat that carried two pairs of official record witnesses. Guinness World Records has yet to confirm the record but said the minimum requirement was 40.8 miles.


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