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Re: City subsidy might save Avalon shoreboat service (Dec. 2 issue)

Too much bureaucracy to make a decision on boating service
Two or more years to make decisions which should have all been made in a week or less…Too much bureaucracy with this type of California government processing.
Richard Daybell

Re: This is the story of a liveaboard bunny named Benny (Nov. 18 issue)

Bunny and boating go together
I am beyond thrilled to read this story as a bunny and boating lover. Who knew a bunny could captain such a big boat! 😉 Go Benny!
Bunnies make great companions
Amanda, God bless you and Benny. Long ago I rescued an abandoned bunny from the wild – she became my best friend and companion, as Benny has to you.
Bob Johnson

Re: Coastal Commission: Future Sea Level Rise Must Be Addressed Now (Nov. 4 issue)

Bureaucratic baloney
Time to terminate the high paid bureaucrats reporting this kind of “it could happen in 100 years maybe” baloney.
Richard Daybell


Re: SoCal Classics: Sparkle (Oct. 7 issue)

Sparkle does sparkle
Wonderful history and info on Sparkle! Cris has been so nice to invite me aboard to witness her beauty.


Re: Scrappy nonprofit rescues the tall ship Bill of Rights (Oct. 7 issue)

Tall ship is believed to be Swift of Ipswich not Bill of Rights
The photo is of the Swift of Ipswich not Bill of Rights. The comment said 19th century style. Not a fishing schooner and loosely based on Wanderer built as a cargo schooner. I was Mate on board for Vision Quest in the 90s. A great boat and awesome deep water sailor. However, volunteering on a tallship does make you a better person.
Joshua Mayo


Re: Saying goodbye to another slice of San Diego’s maritime heritage (Aug. 12 issue)

Sad to say farewell to Red Sails Inn on Shelter Island
I was shocked to just find out that my favorite little hangout (40 years) has closed its doors. I took all of my friends there. The old charm and great service and location and memories ― I only hope that the Brigantine will not make the place so sterile and overpriced for us faithful red sails folks. Good bye old friend … one very sad gal.
Lori Fremo

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