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Sea Lions and Boaters: Solutions for Co-Existence? (issue Sept.7-20)


On Oceanside’s Sea Lion Island
I’ve come to the realization that our floating Sea Lion Island is beginning to work.  It provides a location where Sea Lions can congregate without any attempts to deter them.  We have required our Kayak and Paddleboard Rental Companies to instruct their customers to stay clear of this floating platform and to not bother any sea life.  I’m not certain this is a permanent solution, but for now it seems to be working.  As an added plus, we have many tourists that now come to this location (on land) and take pictures.
Ted Schiafone, Harbor Division Manager, Oceanside Harbor


SB 187: Questions Abound About Fishing License Bill’s Failure (issue Sept.7-20)


Those who fish together, stay together
After looking to get a fishing license myself and coming across the current ridiculous expiry system and the introduction of this bill, I reached out to who I believe is the right person to contact regarding this bill being stuck in appropriations.

Her info is below:

Jennifer Galehouse

I called and couldn’t reach her so I sent an email. I suggest everyone here also call and email to get some traction on this.
Chris Davaz



Cyclone adds runs for Avalon-Two Harbors route (issue Sept.7-20)


Abandoning Two Harbors Cyclone trip
We were in Avalon in July. I asked the captain a question from the pier and he couldn’t have been less interested in speaking with me. Didn’t even bother to get up off his butt and come to the rail to speak, and no he was not doing anything at the time. I had seven people that wanted to go round trip to Two Harbors. We chose to not go do to his lazy response. Not a good impression.
Bill Lefever

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