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New Fire Extinguisher Regulation Effective on April 20

WASHINGTON, D.C.⸺ A new regulation for fire extinguishers will go into effect on April 20, which will require a 12-year expiration date from the date of manufacture for disposable fire extinguishers. If your disposable fire extinguisher has a date of manufacture stamped on the bottle older than 12 years, the extinguisher must be removed from service. All recreational boats with permanently installed fuel tanks or spaces capable of trapping fumes like a closed stowage compartment or living spaces are required to have an approved fire extinguisher onboard. Boats less than 26 feet in length who use an outboard engine, fuel is in a portable fuel tank, and there are no areas within the boat where fuel vapors can be trapped, are not required to carry a fire extinguisher. Check the label on the fire extinguisher for “Marine Type-USCG Approved” and the manufacturer date when looking for a fire extinguisher for a boat. For more information, see the US Coast Guard website at

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