Newport Beach Is Doing Some Summer Cleaning

Newport Beach is assembling a new campaign to help clean up the city and keep it clean.

NEWPORT BEACH⸺ The City of Newport Beach is making a splash and picking up trash as they kick off a new summer campaign to gather the community to help clean up the city. The city hosts anywhere between 20,000 and 100,000 tourists daily during the summer months, which inevitably evolves into an influx of trash generated by residents and tourists alike. When that trash doesn’t make its way to the trash can, that’s where this campaign kicks in.


Like most beach communities, Newport Beach noticed an increase in trash after the COVID-19 pandemic between 2020 and 2021, which drove more people to the beaches. In general, people were bringing and ordering more takeout food, which resulted in an increase in the volume of trash. As a result, the city increased pickups and the number of cans but now needs the public’s help.


“Our city crews and contractors do an excellent job cleaning and maintaining our public spaces, but they can’t be everywhere at all times,” said John Pope, public information officer for Newport Beach. “One of the goals of this campaign is to create awareness and remind everyone that all of us — residents, business owners, visitors, and City government – need to work together to “Keep Newport Beach Beautiful.” Of course, this goes for the beaches and other public areas such as streets, parks, hiking trails.”


At this time, Newport Beach has not begun leading the cleanups but is working to organize individual volunteers and groups of volunteers. The city’s goal is to better align cleanup efforts with the areas of the city that need the most attention. Therefore, the city is encouraging interested groups to contact them at in advance, and then staff can advise on the areas of the city where they can be the most effective. There are no age restrictions, and all are welcome to help with the campaign.


The project is currently limited to the summer months, but an expansion of the volunteer program will continue. The signs for the campaign will be removed at the end of the summer because if they become a permanent fixture, people are less likely to take notice, according to Pope. Newport Beach may consider rolling out the signs again next summer.


“Our goal is to expand cleanup efforts beyond the beaches,” said Pope. “We recognize that some groups are beach-focused, but there are other open spaces in the city that need attention, such as parks, hiking trails, nature areas, as well as rivers and watersheds that lead to Newport Bay and the ocean. In addition, by increasing the coordination of volunteer efforts and suggesting options to volunteer groups, we hope to utilize their energy and passion where it can be the most effective.”


Additional ways Newport Beach suggests keeping the city clean include:

  1. Hosting a community or beach cleanup on your behalf.
  2. Ensure all waste is thrown in the appropriate waste container, organics, recyclable, or trash.
  3. When walking the neighborhood, keep an eye out for any problem issues to report.
  4. Pouring leftover beverages or food liquids down the sink drain, or if appropriate, your planters. Please do not pour these liquids onto the sidewalk or in parking lots.
  5. Caring for the landscaping on your property through trimming and weed removal maintenance.
  6. Picking up after your pets and disposing of the waste in the black-lid trash can.
  7. Moving your vehicles on street sweeping day to help the sweepers keep the street clean.
  8. Visiting parks, beaches, or nature conservation areas and taking everything you brought back with you as you depart. And as always, do not litter.


For more information on the project, or to sign up to participate, visit


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