Newport Beach Participates in Wyland foundation’s 2022 Mayors Challenge

NEWPORT BEACH⸺ Newport Beach is taking part in the “My Water Pledge” throughout April as part of the Wyland Foundation’s 2022 National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. 

The challenge is a nationwide movement hosted by the Wyland Foundation to encourage water conservation and other conservation efforts through online pledges and community participation. The Wyland Foundation is a nonprofit focused on protecting and preserving the ocean through educational programs, public art projects, and community events. Participants are automatically signed up for several possible awards, including incentives for the city. “I am excited to support the 2022 Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation on behalf of the City of Newport Beach,” said Mayor Kevin Muldoon in a Newport Beach press release. “The pledge to conserve water promotes the importance of reducing our environmental footprint in Newport Beach and other cities throughout the nation. I encourage all residents to take the pledge and help make Newport Beach the most water-wise city in the nation.” To learn more or to take the pledge, visit


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