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Nouvoyage’s Luxury Amphibious Tender 33 has Raised the Bar

Nouvoyage has redefined luxurious amphibious transportation with a design that makes it possible for the owner to shuttle their guest from their home to their dockside dining location in the harbor.

BOSTON— Nouvoyage, the Boston-based designer of luxury amphibious limousines, is leveling up. In addition to Nouvoyage’s concentration on selling its Limousine Tender 33 to the superyacht market— now, it’s striving for larger craft in the cruise line industry.


The company says its roughly 33-foot “shadow tenders,” complete with reclining leather seats, an under-counter styled refrigerator/freezer, WiFi, cable TV, galley, head, A/C, heat, retractable sunroof, and gull-wing doors, can follow (shadow) liners to take passengers to shore and back. A shadow tender is a yacht support vessel that is a specialized ship that provides support and auxiliary functions for large sailing motor yachts. 


The tenders are available for purchase now but due to the high level of bespoke customization, they are only built to order.” said Kevin Neprud, Founder of Nouvoyage. “We plan to introduce an open version of the limo tender in the future that will include a seating area behind the helm that is covered by a retracting convertible roof. The seating area includes a coffee table that converts to a dining table. The open model will also feature a rear deck that can be used for fishing, diving, skiing, grilling, etc.”


The tender is a modern interpretation of a Venetian limo tender with inspiration from early luxury automobiles. The tender’s bumper can slide in and out via a remote control to create a boarding surface and a swim platform. Additionally, the license plate valance can fold down, allowing a remote-operated passerelle that stows under the deck to be deployed. The tender can also fit into a ship’s garage and be launched from an articulating beach deck. Then, passengers could board the tender while still in the garage and arrive at the shore destination well ahead of the crowds, ready to be driven around in luxury to visit sites off the beaten track— the ultimate flex. Additionally, the shadow tender includes a series of diesel-electric hybrid driveline that offers quiet, electric operation on land and water. Also, the air conditioning, lighting, and audio and visual systems can run for hours while the engine is off. 


The 33-foot tender tops out at 28 knots on the water and 90 mph on land, with a land range of 1,200 miles at highway speed and 350 nautical miles; there are upgrade options available to increase top water speed. In addition, the vessel is handicap accessible via an optional automated ramp at the starboard entry. 


If you really want to make an entrance, the Nouvoyage limousine tender is your ride. According to, it is “a brilliantly designed craft that is [all] at once artisanal, supremely functional, and altogether desirable. The perfect vehicle for those accustomed to living the good life, non-stop.”


The company suggests that the amphibious tender allows guests to spend another day or so on shore; it then could drive on land to meet the mothership at its next destination— assuming it’s on the same island or ground.


The Limousine Tender 33 holds 12 passengers and two crew. A 500-hp Yanmar diesel generates electricity to power a 130-hp Remy electric motor on each wheel on land or two Hamilton jets on the water. The limousine’s underbody is built in a modified catamaran configuration.

The tender costs between $2 million and $3.5 million, depending on the desired cabin amenities.


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