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Ocean Salmon Season Closes Oct. 31

CALIFORNIA一 The last day of recreational ocean salmon season from the 40▫,10’ Line to Pigeon Point is Oct. 31; this also marks the end of the recreational ocean salmon season for the state of California.

The area from the 40▫,10’ Line to Pigeon Point encompasses the Fort Bragg and the San Francisco management zones. It is the last area to close for the season, with the first seasonal closure for recreational fishing taking place on Aug. 1 with the closure of the Klamath Management Zone.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife released an estimate of the commercial and recreational Chinook salmon landings in each management zones on Sept. 17.

The estimates represent the landings of Chinook salmon from the season opener through the end of August in each of the management zones.

Statewide there were 47,543 recreational ocean salmon caught between June and August; 584 were caught in the Klamath Management Zone; 2,816 were caught in Fort Bragg; 27,657 were caught in the San Francisco zone; 16,486 were caught in the Monterey and South management zone.

Final estimates for 2021 will be published in Feb. 2022 in the review of 2021 Ocean Salmon Fisheries.

These estimates are used to determine the management of the fisheries for the upcoming season.

There is a daily bag limit of two salmon of any species and a minimum size limit of 20 inches in total length. For more information, see the CDFW website at

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