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Oceanside Harbor gets TowBoatUS service

OCEANSIDE — Boaters in Oceanside who require non-emergency towing services no longer need to rely on the local Harbor Patrol or wait for a private service to arrive from Dana Point.

TowBoatUS has arrived at Oceanside Harbor and will service boaters in need of towing or other boating issues.

Scott McClung brought the boat tow service to Oceanside; he’ll dock the TowBoatUS vessel at the fuel dock.

Stranded boaters in need of towing or other related services previously had to rely upon Harbor Patrol or TowBoatUS service from Dana Point.

Tow services from Dana Point caused long waits and delayed response times due to long distance between Oceanside and Dana Point Harbor.

Harbor Patrol vessels were, just the same, consumed with non-emergency towing. Having a private towing service at Oceanside Harbor would free up the local Harbor Patrol to respond to emergencies and perform other assigned duties.

TowBoatUS is a service offered by BoatUS; the service is to boaters what AAA is to motorists.

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