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Peace Dive Boat is Peace in Ventura

VENTURA— Beneath the water’s surface is a different world not often seen. Located in Ventura is a 62-foot wooden-hulled boat built in December of 1972 called Peace Boat that brings us to that world. McCauley Boat Builders built the vessel as a fishing vessel originally. Rus Izor, a fishing tycoon in Southern California, commissioned it. One year later, the shipwright built the Truth with the intention of them being sister ships. The layouts of the two vessels are very similar; however, Izor decided to name it Peace instead after finding inspiration from the era of peace and love. 


Stepping onboard the Peace is a ticket to the underwater scuba world that takes guests scuba and free diving to all eight Channel Islands and Cortes and Tanner Bank. Divers can find the California Moray eel, giant Black Sea bass, Garibaldi— the California state fish, sea lions, bat rays, kelp forests, and more on their underwater exploration.


Scuba diving is more than watching marine life thrive in its environment. It can broaden the mind and be a peaceful and tranquil experience for many. The Peace has been serving this experience for 35 years now. While those wishing to participate in scuba diving must be certified, there are no worries if you’re not— snorkeling and free diving are comparable substitutes.


The 62-foot boat is complete with a compressor that pumps 40 cubic feet of air per minute, has 24 bunks, a full galley, a hot tub, Starlink Internet, a chase boat, and a swim step for easy diving. Trips are structured around intermediate scuba diving and journeys that don’t require breathing apparatuses.


Open boat trips are for divers who buy tickets directly from the Peace, but private charters are also available. Private charters are sold through local dive shops or clubs.


If you are a dive shop or club wishing to host a private charter, or for more information about open boat trips, please email or visit

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