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PredictWinds new Safety Plan is Designed to Complement Starlink at Sea

Weather forecasting at sea is crucial for maintaining safety, ensuring efficient operations, and promoting responsible and informed decision-making during maritime activities. PredictWind has developed a safety plan to complement the Starlink model and expand PredictWind's efforts in maritime safety.

PredictWind, a leader in weather forecasting for the marine industry, has announced its latest initiative to transform how mariners utilize their communication devices. Acknowledging the critical importance of power, safety, redundancy, and speed in offshore internet connectivity, PredictWind has introduced the GO! exec 5MB plan, designed to seamlessly complement the needs of those relying on Starlink at sea. Starlink is a satellite internet network operated by American aerospace company SpaceX, providing coverage to more than 60 countries. It also aims for global mobile phone service after 2023.


Weather forecasting is critically important while at sea for several reasons. It provides security through safety, navigation, and route planning and helps with understanding weather patterns, allowing for efficient deployment of sails, engines, and other equipment on the vessel. 


“With the GO! exec 5MB Plan, we’re not just providing a backup for Starlink users; we’re offering peace of mind, safety and the power to stay connected when it matters most,” said PredictWinds CEO, Jon Bilger, in a press release. 


Starlink’s advanced satellite communication, in synergy with the GO! Exec Plan, unlocks redundancy in offshore connectivity. With the introduction of the plan, mariners will be able to experience uninterrupted hourly GPS tracking while minimizing power consumption. Safety remains the nucleus of PredictWind’s commitment and the GO! exec’s emergency capabilities provide both safety and peace of mind, making this package a potential value for maritime professionals.


Bilger is bullish on this innovation, calling it “a game-changer in offshore connectivity,” adding that “we’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation in this field.”


The GO! exec 5MB Plan is set to launch for $69.95 per month. Tailored as an emergency backup solution for Starlink users, it offers a host of benefits including:


Power efficiency: Starlink’s considerable power consumption can challenge continuous operation on most boats. For services requiring 24/7 communication, such as GPS tracking, AI polars, and the PredictWind Anchor App, the GO! exec, consuming 5W, presents a reasonable alternative. This feature minimizes power usage and allows Starlink to be activated only when needed.


Emergency preparedness: In scenarios where power outages or lightning strikes could render Starlink ineffective, the GO! exec’s backup battery can be a lifesaver. Equipped with satellite voice capabilities, it ensures mariners are never left stranded.


Robustness and reliability: The GO! exec has an IP65 waterproof rating, setting it apart from Starlink’s routers and antennas, which possess comparatively lower ratings. Furthermore, according to, Starlink’s functionality can be compromised in heavy rainfall.


For more detailed information about the GO! exec 5MB Safety Plan, please visit


PredictWind is a leader in weather forecasting for the marine industry, offering cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to sailors, racing teams, and industry professionals worldwide. With its reliable forecasts, live wind observations, and advanced routing capabilities, PredictWind continues to provide accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly weather insights.

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