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Public Invited to Review and Comment on Fisherman’s Wharf Revamp Proposals at Channel Islands Harbor

Three proposals were provided asking the public to decide on the 11-acre parcel on the harbor’s eastside

OXNARD – On Sept. 19, the Channel Islands Harbor Department hosted a public workshop at the Performing Arts Center to help the redevelopment process of Fisherman’s Wharf move forward.

About 275 people came to view three proposals for the complete revamp of Fisherman’s Wharf at the corner of Channel Islands Blvd. and Victoria Avenue, the entrance to Channel Islands Harbor. Attendees viewed proposals from three hopeful developers for the project.

For decades, the Harbor Department has been working to find an investor who could completely revamp the aging and dilapidated property known as Fisherman’s Wharf, which used to be a “go-to” destination. But unfortunately, many investors have come and gone, with no redevelopment ever getting started.

Those in attendance reviewed three proposals. The first one was a strawberry-themed village presented by Robert Dahl, of Karl’s Adventure Village (a German Company), with restaurants, cafes, toys and books for sale, clothing shops, a food market featuring products made onsite, children’s rides, and a playground. Also, a boutique hotel and free parking would be on site.

John Ashcar, from Pacific Heritage Communities, a real estate developer from Los Angeles, showed their design of an interactive use of space for visitors with places to gather, food and beverage, market stalls, outdoor dining, and a high-end hotel. In addition, the proposed development includes children’s play areas, a revamp of all the parking and restrooms, local artisans’ shops, cafes, restaurants, and shops with various price points to reach a diverse demographic that is market driven.

Alberto Valner from the KiboGroup, a Southern California development company, presented a market-anchored lifestyle retail center with 70,000 square feet of retail space and possibly some residential space, including a grocery store, restaurants, cafes, public spaces, and an amphitheater. View corridors, water features, and a kayak launch are reflected in the design.

After the workshop, attendees were invited to speak with each of the three developers to ask questions and provide feedback. All Channel Islands Harbor residents and visitors interested in providing comments regarding the three proposals to develop Fisherman’s Wharf can do so by taking the online survey below. The deadline to provide input is Oct. 3.

The Harbor Department selected these three Requests for proposals out of the four received. After the public has commented on these designs, the applicants will have an opportunity to revise their proposals. Once the final proposals are received, the Harbor Department may recommend to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors to enter an Exclusive Right to Negotiate with one of the applicants. It is possible, however, that none of the proposals be selected.

To learn more, please watch the video about the proposals here:

After watching the public workshop video, please take this online survey at:


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