Scavenger Hunt on Catalina

CATALINA—Catalina Island is turning into a giant game board by hosting a fun scavenger hunt adventure. Participants will be guided through the hunt by their smart phones, as teams try to make their way among well-known and overlooked gems of Avalon city while solving clues and completing challenges focused on the local history of Catalina. There are five quests available to choose from: Quest Walking and Walking2, Quest on bicycles, Quest on golf cart/walking and Quest Cart2 (cart only). Bicycles and golf carts can be rented at Brown’s Bikes, or Island Rentals Golf Cart Rental, both located on Pebbly Beach Rd. immediately after the ferry terminal. The quest begins when you want, and you play at your own pace. The quests will begin and end at the Green Pleasure Pier; it is a 1.9-mile journey that lasts two to two-and-a half hours. Significant points throughout the quest are the beach front, the Catalina Island Yacht club, the casino, city hall, the city park, and the Green Pleasure Pier. The price of a ticket for a team of 2-5 people is $49, prices vary by team size.

To find more details and redeem your ticket as a Prepaid Code visit the Urban Adventure Quest website.


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