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Siren Marine Launches “Siren Connected Boat” App, Aims to Revolutionize Boater Connectivity

Siren Marine, a company dedicated to innovative boat-monitoring solutions, is making waves with the launch of its “Siren Connected Boat” app. This user-friendly smartphone application, designed to work seamlessly with the company’s Siren 3 Pro device, offers a suite of features that aim to revolutionize the way boaters interact with their vessels.

“Until boats can talk, there’s Siren,” proclaims the company’s slogan, aptly summarizing the app’s ability to bridge the gap between boaters and their vessels. With the Siren Connected Boat app, boaters can monitor their boat’s critical systems remotely, offering a level of real-time awareness previously unavailable.


One of the app’s key strengths lies in its 24/7 monitoring capabilities. By pairing the app with the Siren 3 Pro device installed on the boat, users gain access to a wealth of real-time data, even when miles away. This includes monitoring the status of the bilge pump, a crucial system that removes unwanted water from the boat’s bilge, as well as keeping an eye on hatch activity, which can alert boaters to potential security breaches.


The app goes beyond simple monitoring by offering a layer of remote-control functionality. Boaters can use the app to turn on lights or adjust the air conditioning system directly from their smartphones. This added convenience allows boaters to pre-cool their vessel before arrival or illuminate the deck for night-time boarding.


Safety is a top priority for Siren Marine, and the app reflects this commitment. It offers GPS tracking capabilities, allowing users to pinpoint their boat’s exact location on a map, for better situational awareness and navigation. Additionally, the app provides valuable maintenance reminders, helping boaters stay on top of crucial upkeep and ensuring that their vessel remains in top condition.


Perhaps most importantly, the app offers a critical alert system. In the event of a sensor detecting a potential issue, such as a malfunctioning bilge pump or unauthorized hatch activity, the app will notify the boater immediately. This allows for a timely response, potentially mitigating damage and safeguarding the boat.


By combining real-time monitoring, remote control capabilities, GPS tracking and critical alerts, the Siren Connected Boat app empowers boaters to become “#SmarterBoaters,” as the company’s tagline suggests. The app, available for free download, puts a wealth of information and control at the fingertips of boaters, ultimately fostering a safer, more convenient and more enjoyable boating experience.


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