Taiga Motors Makes Waves with Orca Performance Electric PWC

Taiga Motors has released the first ever zero emissions, zero noise, and zero smell, 100% electric Personal Watercraft.

How would it feel to have no more trips to the gas station? Off-road electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Taiga Motors Corporation announced the launch of its newest model, Orca Performance, marking a significant milestone in the marine industry. Orca Performance is Taiga’s latest model, designed to offer zero emissions, zero noise, and zero smell, and follows on from the limited-edition Orca Carbon (the world’s very first mass-produced 100% electric PWC).

After more than six years of research and development and cutting-edge engineering, Taiga has presented its revolutionary 100% electric PWC with a starting price of $19,490, making high-performance more accessible to a new wave of watersport enthusiasts.

“Orca Performance stands as a true game-changer,” said Samuel Bruneau, CEO and co-founder of Taiga, in a press release. “This groundbreaking model represents a leap forward in mass-market boating electrification, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional performance at competitive prices. Our design and engineering teams have pushed themselves, enabling us to optimize designs for high-volume manufacturing without compromising the Orca’s distinctive character lines, agile hydrodynamics or exhilarating acceleration.”

Orca Performance is easy to recharge, either overnight on a 100-110V outlet with the included mobile connector, or in around three and a half hours using Level 2 chargers (which are similar to those used for electric cars). DC fast charging is also available by adding the optional CCS1 combo to the vehicle configuration at the time of ordering, which charges the battery to 80% in around 40 minutes. With a full charge, riders can enjoy two hours of play on the water.

Orca Performance, Taiga says, represents a paradigm shift redefining the personal watercraft from one of the most polluting recreational boats to a fully electric model delivering segment-leading performance, silent operation and zero emissions at reduced lifetime operating costs.

A fully closed loop powertrain system, designed for Taiga snowmobiles, not only ensures that no pollutants are introduced to the water, but also means no special winterization is required. A fully closed-loop powertrain system, also known as a closed-loop control system, provides feedback from the system’s output, which regulates and controls its operation. In the context of a powertrain, which typically refers to the components responsible for generating and transmitting power in a vehicle, a fully closed-loop powertrain system uses feedback to optimize performance, efficiency, and emissions. The auxiliary systems have an extremely low parasitic drain, so the vehicle can be left unplugged for up to three years without draining the battery.

Orca Performance silently powers through the water, unheard from the shoreline and up to 30 dB1 quieter than gas watercraft. Advanced motor controls enable the industry’s first adaptive impeller slowing rotation when the watercraft jumps into the air for greater efficiency, further reducing noise levels.

Although Taiga Motors is a Canadian company, products are available in the U.S.

“Taiga operates a hybrid direct-to-consumer model, meaning customers in California can purchase their vehicles directly from Taiga’s website, with Taiga Service Providers (TSPs) acting as their local points of contact,” said Wissal El Alaoui, Public Relations Manager of Taiga Motors.  “Our local TSP in California is H&H Marine, located at 10685 Roselle St. San Diego, CA, 92121.

Equipped with the necessary tools, parts, accessories, and training, TSPs can handle delivery, perform pre-delivery inspections (PDIs) and provide after-sales service to assist customers through the ownership of their new watercraft. Taiga’s 100% electric vehicles require low maintenance, most of which can be delivered through remote service and Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, customers appreciate having a local point of contact for any after-sales need or maintenance.”

The new Orca Performance is a leap forward with an innovative new hull and battery and electric propulsion technology that enhances manufacturing efficiency with cutting-edge automation. The watercraft hull utilizes advanced high-pressure molded fiber-reinforced composites developed over the past three years and built in Canada. The precision-molded hull has been hydrodynamically optimized, balancing playful carving and efficient cruising across varied conditions. This is coupled with a low center of gravity from the battery below the waterline, delivering leading stability in cornering conditions.

The new Taiga battery generation is a major advancement in part integration (removing more than 700 parts) for streamlined automated manufacturing. The sealed lithium-ion battery has been optimized from a clean sheet to safely deliver maximum power across its lifetime under high vibrations and saltwater environments, providing energy for up to two hours of riding. Using standard automotive charging systems, Orca Performance can be easily charged with the included mobile connector overnight at any outlet – level 2 chargers in 3.5 hours or on optional DC Fast Charging to 80% in less than 40 minutes.

Orca Performance is powered by Taiga’s sixth generation integrated motor-inverter Tractive Unit, delivering greater efficiency up to 120kW, 170Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 9,000rpm. The Tractive Unit offers peak torque across an ultrawide torque band and millisecond response time for precise and exhilarating acceleration at any speed.

Taiga’s integrated hardware and software technology stack enables unprecedented control in fine-tuning the Tractive Unit, battery and vehicle systems that adjust and shift in response to the watercraft.

Every Taiga vehicle is LTE equipped (along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) to receive OTA updates. The updates can remotely adjust systems in the vehicle to the user interface, release new features and provide insights for preventative maintenance. Functionality is further enhanced by the Taiga mobile application, launching on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, providing easy access to the charging set-up, among other features.

Riders can select operating modes from the handlebars, control jet pump trim actuation and monitor live parameters on the 7-inch HD display. Orca Performance has three default user-selectable ride modes, including Range Mode for efficient cruising, Sport Mode for playful carving and Wild Mode for fastest throttle response and maximum performance.

Adjusting the trim levels at the push of a button shifts riding dynamics from a playful to a more aggressive ride. Unique to the Orca platform, the watercraft seamlessly switches impeller direction to provide braking thrust and reverse, foregoing the need for an additional nozzle. Reversing the impeller also enables the clearing of seaweed and debris that could be sucked into the intake.

“We take great pride in bringing this new innovation to the market, and in making it more accessible, especially in an industry where electrification presented significant challenges that not everyone was willing to undertake,” said Bruneau. “We will continue pushing technological boundaries that others shy away (from) to deliver the best possible electric products for accelerated electrification.”

For more information, please visit https://www.taigamotors.com/en/products/orca/.


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