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The Catalina Island Conservancy Conserves, Educates, and Entertains

Catalina Island is one of the eight Channel Islands located off the Southern California Bight, spanning only 22 miles in length, with its widest point only eight miles across and only 22 miles off the Southern California coast. It is a tourist destination for those from far away but unique enough to make locals feel like they are far away. 


This special haven is home to more than 60 endemic species of plants and animals, all requiring protection, restoration, and conservation from the foot traffic and tourism the Island sees year-round. As one of the oldest and largest private land trusts in the state of California, the Catalina Island Conservancy opens its wildlands to the public to enjoy in different ways. 


Founded in 1972, the Conservancy protects 88 percent of the Island’s approximately 48,000 acres, including the region’s longest publicly accessible undeveloped coastline. The Conservancy has provided access to recreational activities such as camping, biking, hiking, and touring. It conserves the Island by ensuring resiliency, restoring habitats, implementing wildlife programs, collaborating with partners in academia and research, and offering paid internships for students. 


Memberships are available for those who have the drive to partner with the Conservancy. Becoming a member will allow you to contribute to programs focusing on conservation, education, and recreation, the three pillars the Conservancy stands on. In addition, volunteering is an option for helping and attending annual events that raise money, like the popular Conservancy Ball, which attracts nearly 400 guests annually to raise funds for conservation efforts. 


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