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The First Ever 100 Percent Electric Yacht Has Sold

UNITED KINGDOM— Pascoe International, an award-winning U.K. tender yacht manufacturer, has officially sold the first fully electric limousine tender.

The Pascoe team has confirmed that the vessel is under construction and will be delivered in 2023 to a sizeable new-build superyacht from a leading Northern European shipyard.

The Pascoe e-Limousine comes after the company’s award-winning Sport Luxury (SL) platform, which uses the brands’ latest oil-cooled electric motors.

Pascoe International has partnered with multiple experts in marine horsepower to establish what they say is the “most efficient transfer of power from the motor of the water.

The new drive system will also remove the noise and vibration expected from the more traditional sterndrive. In short, the Pascoe e-Limousine promises to be eco-friendly and comfortable without any compromise to performance capabilities.

“The realization of a zero-emission at point of use Limousine Tender with a top speed of 40 knots and a maximum range of 60 miles will be a defining moment for the superyacht industry,” said Tom Southern, Vice President at Pascoe International. “The e-Limousine truly signifies the beginning of a new wave of luxury water-borne travel and a move away from internal combustion propulsion systems in the superyacht sector.”

Following its six-year research and development period, Pascoe International has also announced that it will now offer full electric propulsions for its line of limousines and open guest tenders. Those who support Pascoe International will benefit from long-term cost savings, as they will be able to charge their tenders directly from their yacht’s power generators without the need to use fossil fuels. Additionally, the vessels will have the added benefit of reduced vibrations, reduced noise, and an increase in torque.

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